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 True authentics made in china??

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True authentics made in china?? Empty
PostSubject: True authentics made in china??   True authentics made in china?? EmptyFri Dec 28 2012, 16:04

I want to preface this by apologizing for starting so many threads I am just happy to have found people who have more knowledge than me on jerseys.

Anyway, I was reading the post about the meeting NJFP had with the reebok representative. I read that some jerseys at one point were in fact made in china. I have two jerseys made in china in my collection that look very much authentic and I was wondering if in fact they were genuine. One is a Jerome Bettis Steelers jersey with the multi colored players inc logo jock tag. The other is a tiki barber giants jersey with the jock tag without the players inc logo ( the ones right after the helmet tag were changed). I will post pics later on, but was hoping to get some insight on this from anyone who may know.
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True authentics made in china?? Empty
PostSubject: Re: True authentics made in china??   True authentics made in china?? EmptyFri Dec 28 2012, 18:01

A very small amount of jerseys were made in China, more of a Reebok trial than anything else and it was early in Reeboks license. Mainly Dolphins. There were some others. I'd be surprised if the Steelers one is genuine as I don't think the ones that were made in China were that era with the NFLPA multi tag, once you get some pics up we can have a proper look.

True authentics made in china?? Signew
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True authentics made in china??
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