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 Fake or Legit?

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PostSubject: Fake or Legit?   Sun Dec 07 2014, 15:32

Hi Guys

I'm from Switzerland and I just bought some Miami Dolphins Jerseys. First I bought two Reebok Authentic jerseys. Actually these were my first Jerseys so I didn't know that fake Jerseys exist. Shocked I was kind of naive. After i received the Jerseys I found your Website and now I'm pretty sure that they are fakes. I just wanted to know your opinion since I think especially the one Jersey looks like quite a good fake.
To every Jersey I will post a link to an album.

One Jersey that I bought is a Dan Marino Mitchell & Ness Throwback. So there I'm pretty sure it's a fake because it's Size 50 and I read somewhere, that this size was never produced.

The second one was a orange Dolphins Authentic Jersey. Since there is a 40th Season Patch on the Jersey I think it will be a fake as well.

Now that I'm a little more informed and almost every Authentic Jersey seems to be a fake online I found a Reebok EQT Premiere Version so I decided to buy this one. I read on your page that EQT and Replicas are almost everytime legit.
So I just wanted to know if thats a legit EQT Jersey. To me it looks like e legit one.

I would be very happy to get a feedback from your side.

Thank you very much.

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PostSubject: Re: Fake or Legit?   Mon Dec 08 2014, 01:49

Welcome Phinsfan,

The EQT Jersey is fine, no problems there. The other two on the other hand are both fakes. The Marino has a poorly placed NFL badge on the collar, the jocktag and 75th patch are poor. The stitching on the numbers on the Brown is all kinds of wrong. Zigzag stitching is only ever used not that shiny embroidered stitching and the numbers are shiny and puffy.


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Fake or Legit?
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