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 Is my jersey real?

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PostSubject: Is my jersey real?   Is my jersey real? EmptyTue Oct 31 2017, 01:06

Hello everyone i just recently purchased a randy moss jersey and I wanted to know if it is real or not.
Is my jersey real? Back_n10
Is my jersey real? Arm_lo11
Is my jersey real? Jock_t11
Is my jersey real? Tag11
Is my jersey real? Reebok11
Is my jersey real? Namepl11
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Is my jersey real? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Is my jersey real?   Is my jersey real? EmptyTue Oct 31 2017, 06:46

Welcome to the forum,

I'm afraid that the jersey is a fake. The ball in the NFL logo is poorly shaped, the numbers are too shiny and bubbled and the 'NFL PLAYERS' has no gap between the words, also it has been sewn onto the jersey through the 'S'. Reebok would never do that.

Is my jersey real? Signew
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Is my jersey real?
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