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The NFL jersey collectors community and one stop resource.

This site is dedicated to jersey collecting. I'm a huge football fan and like to show my support by wearing my team's jerseys, I'm a jersey head and proud of it!

I started out buying on ebay and have far too many!
(The wardrobe rail is bending alarmingly)

But, buyer beware! ebay and the web are full of fake jerseys with counterfeiters just waiting to take your money and supply you with a poorly made fake jersey that will come apart after a couple of washes. How can you avoid the tons of fake jerseys out there?

We have the answers.

Here you'll find our guide to spotting a fake Reebok NFL authentic range jersey. Also on this page we have links to Reebok hologram designs, the jock tag time-line and the difference in fake and real twill numbers.
Rather watch a video guide? Then click on the image to watch our films.

What's in the forum?

You'll find like minded collectors who are happy to help you find a genuine jersey.
Highlights include:
* Legit and questionable ebay sellers
* Post your ebay item number and we'll check it for you.
* The Marketplace, purchase and sell genuine jerseys and grab some of our merchandise
* Show off your latest pickup and collection
* Chat about the NFL, Jerseys or anything else
* Resource centre and links to our favourite web sites
* Jersey authentication service

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How can you keep safe when buying online?

Many sites use the word “Official” in their logo or text even though they have no affiliation with the team. Access the teams ProShop through to be sure you are on the actual Official ProShop website. Shop with trusted vendors you know.

Before placing an order on any website, click on the Contact Us, Return Information, or other information pages. Confirm that there is a phone number or mailing address where you can contact the vendor in event of a problem with your purchase.

Be cautious of sites selling merchandise at prices that seem to good to be true. Look carefully at the websites you visit. Misspellings and bad grammar may be a sign of a fraudulent site operating from an international location.

If you find yourself a victim of a scam, contact your bank or credit card company immediately.

We are actively working to shut down websites that sell counterfeit merchandise. Shop carefully. is a new marketplace to purchase and sell genuine jerseys. is a great place to purchase, sell or trade jerseys with NO listing fees, be careful though and view all photo's to be sure the jerseys are genuine.