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 Adidas proline sizes - any help?

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Adidas proline sizes - any help? Empty
PostSubject: Adidas proline sizes - any help?   Adidas proline sizes - any help? EmptyThu Nov 18 2010, 19:09

Hi all

Couldn't find anything on Google / existing posts in this forum so was hoping someone could help.

I've stumbled across an Adidas Proline authentic jersey, size 42. I'm assuming that given the measurements are absolute (i.e. measurements in inches rather than "M", "L" etc.) that a current Reebok 48 authentic would equate to a 48 Adidas proline authentic etc. My question is therefore is the 42 actually going to be something like a large youth size, or did Adidas use a different measurement system? If anyone can also confirm how the Adidas / Reebok authentic sizing translates, that would also be helpful.

Many thanks,

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Adidas proline sizes - any help? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adidas proline sizes - any help?   Adidas proline sizes - any help? EmptySat Jan 01 2011, 23:38

The sizing in "numbers" is the same translation whether it be Reebok or Adidas. Adidas jerseys are made a little differently than Reebok, but both are made according to the same measurement guideline. The "42" is for the measurement around your chest. So depending on YOUR particular size it could either fit tight, or fit you well. Measure starting around the middle of your chest, go around your back, and finish at the starting point on your chest...then you'll have your personal measurement.
Reebok sizing:
46 - (S)
48 - (M)
50 - (L)
52 - (XL)
56 - (2XL)
58 - (3XL)
60 - (4XL)
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Adidas proline sizes - any help?
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