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 Need help with Miami Dolphins jersey

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Need help with Miami Dolphins jersey Empty
PostSubject: Need help with Miami Dolphins jersey   Need help with Miami Dolphins jersey EmptyFri May 21 2010, 05:58

So, I'm interested in getting a blank Dolphins jersey customized. Unfortunately, Exclusive Pro no longer does customization for NFL jerseys. Luckily, I was introduced to this site called and I guess they still do NFL jersey customization. My questions are...

1) Out of all the twill fonts in the guide below, which matches the Dolphins the closest? I know nothing about Dolphins jerseys, so I would like the one that matches their design the best (for example, front #12, #17, and#20 all look like the Dolphins' but their seems to be tiny differences in thickness of numbers and whatnot)

2) Do the shoulder numbers have the same font as the chest/back? If not, what # twill would you recommend?

3) Are twill sizes normally the same for all sizes? So if I had the exact same jersey in sz 48 and 56, would there be any differences in font size?

4) What font # do the Dolphins use for their letters?

5) This is a Nike jersey from the late 1990s (1999 I believe), did the Dolphins use a different font for jerseys back then? I wanna turn this one into a Marino, so I'd want whatever they used back then

Thanks for the help Very Happy
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Need help with Miami Dolphins jersey Empty
PostSubject: Re: Need help with Miami Dolphins jersey   Need help with Miami Dolphins jersey EmptyFri May 21 2010, 19:31

1) Looking at my NFL fonts, the closest on Liebe is #64 Mighty true block. I would say #17 is the closest in shading style.

2) As far as I know the font is the same for the shoulders as the front and back.

3) I would think that the twill numbers do change slightly for bigger size jerseys, I'd measure numbers on other jerseys you have and use these as a guide.

4) Same font for the numbers

5) I think they look the same font as now to be honest.

Need help with Miami Dolphins jersey Signew
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Need help with Miami Dolphins jersey
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